Lauren + Brian :: Inn Walden

Brian has been my boy since college. Minus a few years while I was working in Cleveland he has been in my life as a good friend, one who shared similar interests, thoughts and opinions. After he moved up to Cleveland and met Lauren, our friendship changed. It grew exponentially to the point of family. 

Lauren and Julie met while working at the Cleveland Clinic. One day after returning from work, Julie was talking about her new friend and her boyfriend, who happened to live a few blocks from us. That boyfriend was Brian and that was that. The four of us grew very close and now our girls know them as Aunt Lauren and Uncle Brian. There are not many people I feel as close with than Lauren and Brian. I'm sure Julie can say the same.

Lauren and Brian are two of the best people we know. The times we have spent together over the past 10 years have been so special, and I'm sure our relationship will continue to thrive over our lifetimes. Those two lovebirds are a joy to be around, and Julie and I cannot ask for better friends. We love them, and our girls love them. We are so happy they finally tied the knot and look forward to living our life watching their family grow.

Here is a very small selection of their wedding photos. Click on the first to open a larger image and feel free to move on through the rest.