Colleen + Ben :: Islesboro, Maine

We drove 3 straight hours hovering between 85 and 90mph, heading North from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to make the last ferry heading over to Islesboro. Rushing into the ticket office we ran into Colleen and her sisters, so at least we'd have people to hang with if our car didn't fit. We were the second to last car, just squeezing in, and the nerves started to settle.

High-fives and instant relief.

The first time I visited Ben and Colleen the island left it's mark on me. It was not your standard island feel. Islesboro has a pulse not felt while on a typical Maine vacation. In fact, the first time I was out there I was not really on a vacation, so maybe that's why it felt the way it did. The people I encountered were working folk. Island folk. I didn't sit on the shore sipping drinks, instead I spent the time on a lobster boat photographing Ben and his Captain, Kerry. They caught 1100lbs that day. After fishing we went over to his friends place, where they were working on the barn. Drinking and hanging out, but indeed working. If you are going to live on Islesboro you must work for that life - everyday. Other than rocky shoreline, stunning sunrises, wild trails, and lobster boats, there's not much there, and that's the way they like it. I never got to see the beauty of the island on that first trip. There was no time. However, this trip was different. I saw the beauty and I now know why they work so hard to call it home.

Their wedding completely encompassed everything about the island. Hard work in a true DIY manner. Not just hard work from Ben and Colleen, but work from the entire community. Everybody knows everybody, something I realized on that first visit, and they all pitched in to make their day a true Islesboro wedding. Ben made the alter and stage for the band, Captain Kerry supplied the lobsters, the boat house was turned into the reception, etc... Everything was done by hand. Speaking of the band, they somehow managed to get one of the best bands in Portland. After their rocking show, they drank, then slept in an old boat parked behind the stage - Epic.

Colleen... a super-kind, soft spoken Ohio girl living on this magical island with her man. Ben is a hard working, music-loving lobsterman living on the island with his lady. Watching their family and friends make it all the way off the coast of Maine was something awesome.

Colleen, who wore her Grandmother's wedding dress, had these words to say:

It’s been three weeks since my heart exploded out of my chest and I became one with Ben Dove. If I had to pick one thing that stands out the most it’s the cloud of love that I felt from Ben, my friends, family, and community! Looking back I can honestly say i’ve never been so happy. I couldn’t stop smiling, and I felt like I was floating on the cloud of love I mentioned above.
When I think about our wedding day I know how lucky I am. I know that I picked the love of my life and I feel so thankful for him and everyone in our life. I can’t express how much gratitude I have for you all! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing in our love and being a part of our lives.
— Colleen Dove

Take your time scrolling through the photos. Hopefully you get a good feel to what Ben and Colleen's lives are like. They are an inspiring couple.