Kim + Adam: West Michigan

Walking through the deli section at our little local supermarket, I overheard a very excited girl telling the employees about her engagement and showing off her ring. Normally I would just chuckle and let them be, but I was new in town. I had to say something and at least give her a business card. So, I waited and met her in the check-out line. After a brief intro Kim looked at the card and gave me a silly look. "I think I just stalked your website and saw Chelsey and Tyson's photos. Was that you?"

So that's how I met Kim and Adam. The check-out line at our local grocer. We shot the engagement photos down the road in Saugatuck, and their wedding was almost walking distance from our house. Normally I'm driving here, then driving there, looking for parking, dealing with traffic, etc... It was so nice to stay local and use what Lake Michigan has to offer.

I asked Kim for a little reflection on her wedding day. Here are the words of Mrs. Kimberly Magoon.

Like most little girls, I have dreamt about my wedding day from a very young age. From the dress, to the flowers and everything in between, I had it planned! When the big day finally arrived, it was nothing like I had imagined. It was better! 
The day was absolutely perfect. The sun was shining, the sky was bright blue, and we were surrounded by some of our best friends as we prepared for saying "I do." After the updo's, makeup and getting dressed, I was ready to see my groom! We had our 'first look' in my grandma's backyard on Lake Macatawa. (A place very near and dear to both of us.)  Adam stood facing the water as I walked across the lawn to him. I was so nervous, and so excited at the same time! From that moment on, the day flew by! After all of the stress, the prep, the headache and the joy,  I knew no matter what went wrong, or didn't go "as planned" at the end of the day, we would still be married. (Thanks Uncle Chuck for reminding me of this over the past several months!) 
And married we are! The day was amazing, and the only thing that makes me sad is how fast it all went! We have now been Mr. and Mrs. for one month, and one of my favorite things to say is "my husband." Our wedding day was just the perfect beginning to a life we are so excited to share together!