Amanda + Chris.

May 30th. Rural Ohio.

Rain. Sun. Rain. Sun. Back and forth all day. However, it just so happened to be cooperating at the right times. 

Last wedding season I started asking the bride for her thoughts on the day, now that it's over. The letters and responses were so great, and I want to keep it going. So, here are the words of Amanda, a kind soul with so much love in her heart.

Hello all, Amanda Meyer here (that's still so strange to say!)! When Chris and I got engaged we immediately starting praying for the perfect weather, as we were planning on getting married at my parents farm. As the big day approached, we realized that we were going to be dealing with rain. But, despite the weather, our day ended up being exactly what Chris and I had hoped and prayed for. We were still able to be married outside, as we had a break in the clouds! I was gently reminded through the rain storms that our day was not about having the perfect pictures or everything playing out exactly as we planned. But instead, it was about marrying the man of my dreams, and being united in Christ as his wife. After that reminder the rain storm passed, and we were blessed with a sun soaked ceremony! 

I was feeling so nervous to both see Chris, and to stand in front of all of the people during the ceremony. We were supposed to see each other before the ceremony fairly early, but the rain foiled that plan. As I waited inside of my parents house for the rain to pass, my anxiousness subsided. I was peaceful, and SO ready to see my future husband! When the rain quit and I finally walked down the aisle, with no one else around, any residual nervousness completely melted away as I saw him standing there, waiting for me. It was one of the most special moments of my life. I am so glad that we saw each other before the ceremony. After our pictures were completed we stole a few minutes for the two of us and just soaked in the moment. We got to pray together, and prepare our hearts for the ceremony. 

The ceremony was so special to us. We were surrounded by all of the friends and family that we loved so dearly. We wrote our own vows, and that made our ceremony even more personal and meaningful. The words that Chris spoke to me are sealed forever in my heart. There are not enough words inside of me to express the feelings of joy, peace, and contentment I felt during the ceremony. And at the end, I was married to my man! The reception was such a blast-- we ate such good food, enjoyed our friends and family, and celebrated the beginning of our forever! I couldn't have asked for a better day, or better people, or a better husband! I feel very richly blessed.

Well done Amanda. Well done.
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