Miriam + Seth :: Cleveland, Ohio

Two of my favorite Clevelanders, Miriam and Seth finally tied the knot a few weeks ago. I knew this day would be a blast, and it did not disappoint. I've been friends with Miriam for about 4 years now, and I have to say it's the happiest I've ever seen her. Seth is the perfect guy for her, and vice versa. 

I asked Miriam to say a few words now that the wedding day is over, so here she is:

Well, we made it.
A few words and a couple fist bumps later, we're married!
Some have said, "it's about time!", but for us it was just enough. There was no wedding day jitters, beyond the fright of public speaking. It just felt right.
We went into the planning with a simple thought... to throw a giant party to celebrate our return to Cleveland, and thank all the amazing people in our lives. We are so lucky to have such an awesome, close knit community around us - in Cleveland and all over the world, many of whom helped us pull this whole thing together!
I have to say, it was more mind blowing than I ever could have imagined.

Now take some time and enjoy their photos. Congratulations you two!!