Amy and Dave

I met Amy about 8 years ago. She was living with my future wife at Kent State. I got to know Amy during those and the following years, and I gotta tell you, she's a ton of fun. Everyone will agree to that. Never a dull moment. 

My wife and I don't live in the same city as Amy and Dave, so I'm slowly getting to know him. I've spent a nice handful of weekends with these two since Dave came into the picture, and I knew immediately that Dave's a straight-up guy. A man's man. A car guy. Kind, polite, and makes me laugh, just like Amy. They're both the real deal. 

I'm so glad they asked me to shoot. A backyard wedding out in the country? Yes indeed. A live band, outstanding food and a ton of friends? Hot dog! Amy looked perfect, Dave, badass. I'm looking forward to plenty more times together. I'm sure they'll keep us laughing.