He's here...

Years of trying. Facing the fact that it may never happen. Then a miracle. Yes!!!
He's finally here. Part of the reason we moved up North was to be closer to Ben and Natalie. Their little boy and our little girl are the same age, and soon to be awesome friends. Our oldest will teach them things they are too young to know, but our oldest is a good girl. It'll be fine. Weekends at the cabin, beach, or just running around the neighborhood. Whatever it is, it'll be a blast.

When Julie and I had Evelyn I shot photos like crazy. Evi was also born in the winter months, but it was nothing like this winter. The second Ice Age is upon us. I thought Cleveland winters were bad. I have NEVER seen so much snow. Every day. Every night. It just keeps coming. There must be close to 4 feet out there now. The wind off Lake Michigan howls, blowing snow and ice into your eyelids. It's insane. What I'm getting at is this: when Evelyn was a newborn I shot just as many photos of the winter season as I did of Evi. Not for any specific reason, but I'm glad I did. 

I drove south about 30 minutes today, down 31S to Holland and back up via Lakeshore, my new favorite stretch of road. Trees hanging over the road, farms, blueberry fields, and cabins buried in the woods. I love this winter and this area. It's beautiful in all directions. My car got stuck twice, and I feel as though I'm a master at driving in this. I shot while I drove. All while actually driving, between the 0 visibility spells.
Too much fun.

Julie and I (along with everyone else Ben and Natalie know) are so happy for them. Their perfect little house on the Lake's shore is now full.
* Ben had to work. That's why you don't see him.