Meghan and Doug

Sitting here thinking about what to say about Meghan and Doug is stumping me. I've been good friends with Meghan since college, and in fact she's one of the few who I'm still close with. So, do I spend hours writing, editing, roasting? Or do I just say something short and sweet about how M & D are so wonderful together. I have not had a chance to get to know Doug as much as I hope to, so I asked Meghan's friends what they thought. They all agreed. He was great and perfect for Meghan, and from the little time I have spent with the two, I concur.
Since college Meghan has always been in my life. I've known where and what she's doing, and she's always aware of my happenings. She comes to see my two little girls, the occasional cookout, and every important event. Honestly, she's a true friend. No doubt. I could not be more happy for Meghan. She found Doug, and they're happy. Never have I seen her spirits so high as it's been since she told me about Doug, and it's been 15 years since we met. Congratulations M & D. Enjoy life.