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Scott's personal website is

Porch Swing Photography Co.

Everyday we make hundreds of little connections. We gravitate towards places in particular; they concentrate the sights, sounds, and people with which we connect. Consider how a gathering will often find us focused in a kitchen, talking in a lively manner. However, the kitchen is usually indoors. Anyone familiar with a Northern winter will understand that when weather permits, all efforts shift to the outdoors. We explore. We roam.

Yet even with our sense of adventure we still relish the familiar. At the end of the day, we like to have a place to call home. We like to stay connected. So in order to maintain that, we create extensions as a means to bridge the gaps. We make friends. Memories are attached to countless locations. And in the case of connecting our homes to nature, we craft a porch; the link between us and the outdoors. Like the kitchen, it is where we gather and associate — and the gaps close. The sound of a swing’s chain complaining for oil becomes a cadence for the summer. Friends share stories over the song of crickets or plunking rain. Music from a radio winds it’s way out through a billowing curtain. Even alone, the day and night can be imbibed at their pace from our extension of home; the porch.

In those moments away from the frenetic distractions we all consume, real life happens. Our connections are made. The goal of Porch Swing Photography is to encapsulate those connections. We recognize the importance of a genuine moment, and understand how valuable it is to hold proof of that time. Regardless of what comes after, we have those memories — those photos. And in that, we stay connected. 

If you enjoy your time on the website, give us a call. We'll discuss your ideas, plans, and wishes. Thanks so much! 

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-Porch Swing Photography Company is a sister company of Easywind Studio LLC.